Candidates for Constituency Committee Chair Bios and Vision Statements

*Please note that pursuant to the bylaws, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall add the names of the elected and acclaimed chairs of each constituency group to the slate for Council’s approval on 29 June 2016.

Contract Academic Staff: Teaching (CAS:T)

Kelly A. MacFarlane’s Bio / Vision Statement for CAST Committee Chair

I have a doctorate in Classics from the University of Alberta (2002), and have been employed here full-time as CAST since 2003; I held a series of 8-month contracts with additional intersession teaching and in 2008 was appointed as a Faculty Lecturer (full-year, 5-year renewable contract). I teach a wide variety of courses (mainly Latin-language courses at all levels and introductory and advanced literature and culture courses; I’ve developed several new courses including ancient witchcraft and scientific etymology). My current research project explores new methodologies for teaching Latin (as a spoken language).

My involvement with the Association began in 2005, when I undertook to challenge the many obstacles preventing CAST members from enjoying the benefits of a full academic life. Since 2008 I have (with the exception of one year) served as Chair of the CAST committee and ex-officio member of AASUA Executive. I’ve been a strong and vocal advocate for CAST on Council, in Executive, and on various internal and external committees (I have been on the CAST ARC for the past four years, and on CAUT’s CAST Committee since 2008).

As CAST Chair, I will continue to advocate for the full participation of CAST in all aspects of the academic life, including scholarly activity and service to the Association and the University, and for recognition that our contribution to the University and to academia extends beyond the classroom. As a Faculty Lecturer, my contract is for the full 12-months of the year and so remain a member of the Association year-round; this means I am able to remain active on Council and Exec and to work on behalf of CAST for the full academic year.

Administrative Professional Officer

Vision Statement / Bio for Jim Boyes, APO Constituency

Jim Boyes is seeking to represent the APO constituency group as Chair of the APO Committee, and as one of the Directors of the Association. Jim has served in the capacity of Vice Chair of APO Committee and as a member of AASUA Council since July 2014. Jim’s vision is to contribute to strong collegial governance at the university, and to help the institution achieve excellence across all facets of teaching and learning, research, and administration activities.

Jim is committed to bringing the views of the APO constituency group to Council, and would like to foster good communications amongst APOs across campus. Jim believes in the value of networking within the APO community, and also across the broader AASUA membership. It is through meeting others and comparing viewpoints that we gain a better understanding of common issues and appreciate how we can work together to solve problems and meet the goals of the academy.

Jim Boyes joined the University of Alberta in 2001 in an IT role with the Faculty of

Extension. Jim took on additional responsibilities as IT & Facilities Manager for Extension, and eventually moved into a role managing the teaching and learning services area. One of Jim’s major accomplishments during this time was to assist the Faculty in the move and transition from main campus to the new location downtown at Enterprise Square. Jim was recognized with the Faculty of Extension’s Outstanding Contribution to the Learning Environment award in 2007. Jim left the university in 2008 for 4 years, and upon his return in 2012, accepted a role in central HR Services. Since 2014, Jim has been working with Information Services and Technology (IST) on the relationship management team. IST relationship managers work with a portfolio of faculties and central business units to help them meet their strategic IT priorities.

Jim’s connection to the University of Alberta extends back to his undergraduate degree in civil engineering. Jim believes strongly in the value of lifelong learning and has completed numerous graduate level courses in Educational Technology, leadership seminars and workshops, and more recently has completed many online course modules through Skillsoft and MOOCs offered both at the U of Alberta, and beyond.

David G. Whalen, RPA, C.E.T., Msc.D

Candidate for Chair of the APO Constituency Group

David G. Whalen, Manager, Buildings and Grounds Services

Vision Statement

To ensure the relevance of the AASUA to its members through collegiality, respectful communication, constructive transparency, professional and personal integrity, proactive policy formation and communication, responsible leadership, political awareness and strategic thinking.

I will actively participate in representing the APO community in AASUA’s financial affairs and bylaw review’s, ensuring that APO’s are treated fair, both fiscally and democratically.


Member of the APO Committee 2013 – 2016

Member of the General Faculties Council 2013-2015

APO Chair, Professional Development Committee 2015-2016 Graduate – UofA’s Gold College 2015-2016

Previous experiences include the following:

• Director of Education, Alberta Association of Procedural Parliamentarians.

• President, Alberta Association of Procedural Parliamentarians.

• Founding President, Canadian Federation of Procedural Parliamentarians (now defunct).

• Board Development Training Officer (Volunteer) for Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism.

• Member of NAIT’s Academic Council.

• Member, Minister’s Advisory Committee for Technical and Vocational Education.

• Alberta Students Finance Board – Appeals Committee.

Current Position

My current responsibilities include managing a team of 170 support service’s personnel and includes all related HR matters, section Procurement (includes spec writing & tendering process), and managing & administrating several large value service contracts. This position’s responsibilities spans over 500 buildings, covering over 16 million square feet of occupied space.

Before becoming a UofA Manager, I worked for Public Works and Government Services Canada, over a span of 23+ years. This included several positions throughout Canada.

My responsibilities with the Federal Government included managing upwards of 200 employees together with annual operational, capital and repair budgets of up to $100 million. These experiences also included receiving numerous National and International awards from BOMA Canada and BOMA International.

These positions included the following:

• Providing oversight of the RCMP facilities operations & project management in Alberta and the NWT.

• Property Manager, Lester B. Pearson Building, headquarters for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa.

• Property Manager, Canada Place, in Edmonton.

• Property Manager, the RCMP K Division Headquarters Building, in Edmonton.

• Building Manager, Canada Post Regional Headquarters and Mail Processing Plant, in Winnipeg.

• Acting Regional Manager – Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Protectedness.

Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS)

Rineke Steenbergen

Bio and Vision

Rineke has been a research associate since 2010, in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Before that she was a postdoctoral fellow, also at the University of Alberta. As a research associate she helps train students, do her own research and helps set and develop the research plans of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology.

Outside work, Rineke has always been involved in the community, as a guide in the botanical garden, as volunteer at Streetworks (the needle exchange program in downtown Edmonton), helping out with fieldwork for a native grassland research project, as U6 soccer coach and in various other volunteering positions.

Before becoming the Chair of the TRAS committee in 2015/2016, Rineke has been a member of the AASUA council since 2011, with a one year break. She also sat on the TRAS Agreement Review Committee, and is currently a member of the AASUA equity committee and sits on AASUA executive.

I am running for councilor again this year, and I hope to bring my previous AASUA experience, and insight in the particular issues affecting TRAS, back to AASUA council. It is an exciting time for the AASUA, with upcoming changes in our bargaining process, as well as the upcoming changes in the AASUA bylaws, and I would like to help achieve the best possible outcome in this process.

If elected, I will continue to represent all members of the AASUA, and will particularly advocate for the unique issues affecting contract staff (CAST, SOTS and TRAS) in general and TRAS in particular. I will also continue to try to improve communication with, and involvement of, the TRAS membership.

Sessionals & Other Temporary Staff (SOTS)

Mark Karstad:

I have had the privilege to act as SOTS Chair, on AASUA Council and Executive for the past two years and am seeking candidacy again for the position of Chair SOTS constituency group committee and serving as Director of the Association for the 2016/17 term.


My vision for the Chair of SOTS is to act as liaison between AASUA Council and the SOTS constituents, increase SOTS engagement within AASUA, lead the development of a SOTS Committee which addresses our unique work/life balance, begin discussions around updating our Terms and Conditions of Employment (last updated 2006), and ensure that SOTS issues are included in upcoming negotiations.


I have been a SOTS, employee since 2012 and have worked as the Manager of Academic Technology, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. In addition to my past AASUA involvement, I am a member of IST’s eCAB, (change advisory board) for eLearning, a member of FoMD’s Life Long Learning Advisory Committee, Chair of the Educational Information Management

Steering Committee’s Working Group and a review member of the School of Dentistry’s Educational Research & Scholarship Fund. I have extensive international experience, growing up in Kenya and professional employment in higher ed institutions in both the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.   In Edmonton, I have worked for EPSB, NAIT, Norquest College and the UofA; holding positions including those of Teacher, Instructional Designer and Educational Technology Manager.

It has been an interesting two years in the governance of the UofA, and most recently, the province, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of AASUA, participating in promoting our association’s agenda and as the Chair of the SOTS Committee, surfacing the unique needs and perspective of temporary and sessional employees.

I appreciate your ongoing support

Mark Karstad


David Sulz: Bio & Vision Statement for ALC chair and Director of the Association

When I was elected Vice-Chair of the Academic Librarian Committee in 2015, it meant one year on AASUA Council followed by a year as ALC Chair and Director on Executive Committee. Although that process has now changed, I am willing to stand for ALC chair because of my experiences in Council meetings and attending a few Executive Committee meetings for the current Chair.

ALC’s priorities this year will include ensuring our terms of reference continue to accord with AASUA by-laws/policies and representing/informing members as our collective agreement negotiations transition to comprehensive bargaining where all articles are potentially up for negotiation at regular intervals.

I am a tenured librarian who has been at the University of Alberta for ten years – six as librarian (including teaching one term as a sessional instructor in SLIS), two as a grad student, and two with Museums and Collections. As a librarian and community member (with an academic faculty member spouse), I interact with members from all constituency groups through departmental contacts as well as participation in various committees, events, and recreational activities. I believe these (combined with other previous experiences) give me an appreciation of various AASUA member interests, the ability to promote and explain librarian concerns outside our group, and provide a context in which to situate librarian and academic concerns vis-à-vis the wider University of Alberta and society more generally.

Universities are, and should be, complex and multi-faceted. We explore truths that can have significant benefit as well as unintended contradictory effects not always obvious from our own bubbles of mutual-agreement. Above all, I believe collegial governance and academic freedom are essential pieces in promoting knowledge advancement and providing checks and balances.

Faculty Service Officers (FSO)

Ryan McKay May 17, 2016

Originally grew up in Southern Alberta dreaming of law school. Always thought eventually becoming a judge would be an amazing way to help people. This lasted until the first undergrad Poli-Sci exams, after which the sciences quickly became an obvious better match. Undergrad at the University of Lethbridge led to an NSERC scholarship and graduate school. An appreciation for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and viruses led the short list of potential supervisors either here at the UofA, or at UBC. The decision was to either be very cold and dry, or cold and damp.

After graduating from the UofA, came a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota, and then a final PDF position at the University of Calgary. A full time FSO position at the National High Field NMR Centre in Edmonton (2001-2012) transitioned to the Department of Chemistry as NMR Facility Supervisor (2012-present). Personal life: Presently a father of two, and an assistant indoor/outdoor soccer coach.

So why run (again)?

The interest in how policies are made and procedures enacted has never left (despite the Poli-Sci class). Experiences along this line include board of directors for children’s daycare, and schools (e.g. organize and run charity casinos etc.), work on the FSO Academic Review Committee (ARC), assistant chair of the Safety Sub-committee for the Department of Chemistry, and lastly a year on the AASUA council as an FSO rep. Feel like I’m just starting to understand how things are working.

We’re in a rare and interesting time of transition with the potential to really make some positive changes to our agreements. Think I might be able to help, and therefore volunteering to continue to try and see what can be improved.